Project A.R.F.  

 Animal Resource Foundation

We are a volunteer based group committed to helping animals in desperate need & lowering the euthanasia rate. Through our Operations, Animal, and Community Programming we can provide for many needs. Examples: projects to help in the care & rescue of animals, help in finding homes for animals, and also being a voice for animals by advocating for them in local issues.

Thank you for caring and sharing. 

We are excited! Project A.R.F. has been chosen the rescue of the month for July by Pet Food Centers. This means that with any purchase thru the link below or in store, Pet Food Center is matching it with a donation to Project A.R.F. If you wish, you can let us choose from the list provided. 

Please tell your friends and family. Thank you for caring and sharing, and supporting Project A.R.F.

Fostering means temporarily opening your home to pets in need to give them love and care while they wait to be adopted. Fostering can help animals recover from neglect, abuse, illness or injury, and is the first step towards finding a new, loving forever home. When you foster an animal, you'll also be freeing up space in shelters so that they can rescue more animals in desperate need. Any animal up for fostering can also be adopted.

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